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Ports Up to 96 ports maximum
CO's Up to 64 CO's maximum
Phones (wired) Up to 64 phones maximum
Telephone Compatibility Works with all of the Panasonic KX-T7000, 7200, 7300, 7400, 7600 and 7700 telephone series
Multi-Cell Wireless Yes
Maximum Cell Stations (Antennas) Up to 16
Maximum Door phones Up to 8
Maximum Door Openers Up to 8
Maximum Voice Message (OGM) Channels Up to 8
Maximum Voice Processing Systems 2 units
BGM/MOH (Music on Hold) Inputs 2
External Paging Outputs 2
Voice Over IP Yes
SD Card Yes, for storing system software and local database information
System Speed Dialing Yes, up to 1000 tenant and 2000 system speed dialing numbers
Account Codes Yes
Conferencing Yes, 3-party up to 8-party calls at the same time
Incoming Call Distribution Yes
Universal Call Distribution Yes
Call Forwarding Yes
Caller ID/Call Logging Yes
Digital Voice Mail Integration Yes, digital integration with Panasonic voice processing systems
Live Call Screening Yes, DPITS only
Remote Live Call Screening Yes, DPITS only
Two-Way Record Yes, DPITS only
Two-Way Transfer Yes, DPITS only
Intercom Paging Yes
Direct Mailbox Access Yes
Caller ID Routing Yes
Caller ID Name Announce Yes
Caller ID Personal Greeting Yes
T1 and ISDN Primary Rate Service Yes
A.R.S. (Automatic Route Selection) Yes
Automated Attendant (with DISA/OGM) Yes
Automated CO Hunting Yes
Call Hunting (Terminal or Circular) Yes
Call Log Yes
Call Parking Zones Yes
Call Park Retrieve Yes
Call Pick Up Yes
Call Transfer/Transfer Recall Yes
Call Waiting Yes
Caller ID, Call Log Lock Yes
Caller ID, Callback Yes
Caller ID, Call Waiting Yes
Caller ID Callback Yes
Caller ID Date and Time Adjust Yes
Class of Service Yes
CO Limited Duration Timer Yes
CO Line Names Yes
CO Line Status Yes, two color LED
Date and Time Display Yes
Delayed Ringing Yes
D.I.L. (Direct in Line) Yes
Distinctive Ringing Tone (Door phones) Yes
D.N.D. (Do Not Disturb) Yes, with override
Door Intercoms/Door Opener Contacts Yes
DSS/BLF Consoles Yes
Dual Port Usage (Parallel SLT Station) Yes
Duration Time of Call Display Yes
Electronic Station Lock Yes
Emergency Call Number Programming Yes
Extension Groups Yes
Intercom Yes
Internal Call Paging (All Call Paging) Yes
Internal Paging (Zone Paging) Yes
Last Number Redial Yes
Limited Call Duration Yes
Login/Logout (Hunt, Ring, UCD) Yes
Lunch/Break Mode Yes
Memory Back-up Yes
Message Waiting - Proprietary Phones Yes
Message Waiting SLT Yes
Military Time Display Yes
M.O.H. (Music on Hold) Yes
Multilingual Displays Yes, 5
Multiple Voice Mail Lamps Yes
Off-Hook Tone Signaling Yes
Off-Hook Monitoring Yes (KX-T7431, KX-7433, 7436, 7600 Series)
Off-Hook Voice Announce Yes (KX-T7235, T7436, 7600 Series)
On-Site Programming Diagnostics Yes
Operator Call Yes
Power Failure Transfer Yes
Pre-Selection (Central Office or Intercom) Yes
Privacy Release Yes
Remote Programming and Diagnostics Modem Yes
Remote Station Lock Control Yes
Ring Groups Yes
Ring Groups DISA Yes
Ringing Line Preference Yes
Saved Number Redial Yes
Secret Dialing Yes
Seven Day ARS Time Tables Yes
Station Name Display Yes
Station to Station Messaging Yes
Station Speed Dial Numbers Yes, 10
T.A.F.A.S. (Trunk Answer from any Station) Yes
CSTA Compliant Yes
Timed Reminder Yes
Timed Reminder, Remote Yes
Toll Restriction Yes
Toll Restriction Override Yes
Tone/Pulse Conversation Yes
Tone/Pulse Dialing (By CO Line) Yes
Transfer (Screened/Unscreened) Yes
Trunk Groups Yes
Unattended Conference Call Yes
Uniform Call Distribution Yes, with or without OGM
Automatic Configuration Yes, DPITS only
Walking Class of Service Yes
Whisper OHCA Yes

  • Satellite
  • Cctv
  • Networks
  • Sound system
  • Security alarm

VIP clients

    - Ministry of the interior
    - Ministry of Agriculture
    - Ministry of Transportation
    - Ministry of Post, Telegraph
    - Dammam municipality west
    - Urban Planning
    - Municipality of Dammam Central
    - Ministry of Awqaf
    - Municipality of Al Khafji
    - Quality Control
    - Water Authority Dammam
    - Dhahran Municipality
    - Electrical connection Gulf Cooperation Council
    - Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution
    - Human rights, Eastern Province
    - Federation of Chambers of the Gulf Cooperation Council
    - Court of Appeal
    - Instance court
    - Jammeyt Alber,Eastern Province
    - Water Authority Qatif
    - Red Crescent
    - The Ministry of Education - Educational Supervision
    - Ministry of Health - Eastern Region
    - Dammam Port
    - Almira CO
    - Seraco CO
    - Alfozan CO
    - Abdel Kader Muhaidib & Sons Group
    - Yousif Kano CO
    - Alyamama CO
    - Pharmaceutical company Eastern Branch
    - Khohim Industrial Equipment CO
    - Sanyo
    - Alhazm equipment CO
    - Alhokit Contractors CO
    - Abdelhady Alqahtany CO
    - Alandalos Hall celebration
    - Hall Diamond celebrations
    - CWC
    - Albowardy CO
    - Boudi Office-Chartered accountants
    - Nadic CO
    - Saybin CO
    - Kuwait Air
    - Atco group
    - Company Saipem Saudi Arabia
    - United feed Company
    - Jarrir Bookstore
    - Public Agencies Company
    - Watnia CO
    - Sabco CO
    - Fiberglass CO
    - Fimco CO
    - France Bank
    - Samba Bank
    - Khober Mall
    - Arabian Drilling CO
    - Almaagl CO
    - Albabtin CO
    - Almotlaq Co
    - Aloola CO
    - Aljumirra CO
    - Alsafi CO
    - National Installment CO
    - Auto World
    - Alsoraia CO
    - Group marine CO
    - Alzamil Co
    - Mastoura CO
    - Fouz Chemicals CO
    - Arasco CO
    - Aljazira Fordarasco CO
    - Alkefah Hosptal- Alehsa
    - Primary care
    - Ank Hospital
    - Dammam Centeral Hospital
    - Alamal Hospital
    - Safwa Hospital
    - Baqiq Hosptal
    - Alkhaal Hospital
    - Alqaisoma Hospital
    - Alzahran Hospital
    - Qatif Hospital
    - Tadawy Hospital
    - Blood bank
    - Saudi Center of China
    - Poison Centre
    - Rastnora Hospital
    - Forensic
    - Almoasah Hospital
    - Alkhafji Hospital
    - Alkhaal Hospital
    - Alrafiaa Hospital
    - Salwa Hospital
    - Eye Hospital
    - Maternity Hospital- Hafr Albatin
    - Dental Doctor
    - Hugail dental clinic
    - Center of Dental Medicine
    - Dammam Al Ahly Dispensary
    - Althokba Dispensary
    - Alnokhba Dispensary
    - Dental clinic
    - Ahli Doha Dispensary
    - Intensive care unit Clinic dental
    - Saudi European Dispensary
    - D. Hoyda's Dispensary
    - Fards Dispensary
    - Health center Jodah
    - Health center Jammain
    - Nova Dispensary
    - D.Khalid Alzahrany Dispensary
    - Health center Alehsa
    - Health center Hafr albatin
    - Health center Om alsahk
    - Health center Ein dar
    - College Community Service - Boys
    - Prince Mohamed University
    - Damma University
    - King FAHD University
    - College of Health Sciences
    - Girls collage - Alnaria
    - Girls collage - Qatif
    - Girls collage - Dammam
    - Alhosan Institutes and Schools
    - Nour Aleslam Schools
    - Braaem Alaqsa Schools
    - Reyad Almamlkh Schools
    - British Cultural Institute
    - Alsebaey Institutes
    - Albarak Schools
    - Albassam Institutes and Schools
    - Alsahl for Computer Institutes
    - Jeddah Center for the computer
    - Health Training Institute
    - Technical Sessions Center
    - Altarbiah Alahliah Schools
    - King Abdelaziz Schools
    - Alhammad Institutes and Schools
    - Mnarat Alsharqia Schools
    - Alehsan Schools
    - Aldahran Schools
    - Aletesam Schools
    - Philippine school
    - Governmental Schools(Boys&Girls)
    - Tahfeez Alqoraan Schools
    - Alashraq Schools
    - Alomtlaq Apartments
    - Humaidan Hotel
    - Chalets palm
    - Resort of La Fontaine
    - Green Village
    - Alansary Compound
    - Agzala Compound
    - Alnahda Compound
    - Altag blaza Apartments
    - Romis Apartments
    - Boudl Apartments
    - Msayef Alkhober Apartments
    - Reem Apartments
    - Alkhober House
    - Alragh Apartments
    - Alronsh Apartments
    - Hirtage Village
    - Alfaqeh Apartments
    - Gwaherkom Apartments
    - Flowe Sands Apartments
    - Kan Apartments
    - Alharamen Apartments
    - Alkhayam Hotel
    - Flower Gulf Apartments
    - Roz Apartments
    - Alhamad Apartments
    - Nova Apartments
    - Hafr albatin Apartments
    - Alhamra Hotel
    - Alasetana Apartments
    - Dammam Blaza hotel
    - Alhayah Apartments
    - Gulf Star Apartments
    - Wahet wazan Apartments
    - Bloudan Apartments
    - Dort Alkhaleej Apartments
    - Ashgan Apartments
    - Dammam home Apartments
    - Kreestal Apartments
    - Qasr Aloroba Apartments
    - Mersana Apartments
    - Alkhlewy Apartments
    - Royal Apartments
    - Marina
    - Abqiq Tower Hotel
    - Alkhaleej Hotel - KHAFJI
    - Albostan Apartments - ARAR
    - Selvision
    - Jubail Municipality
    - Jubail Passports
    - Jubail Post
    - NCCI
    - Fahs CO
    - PMD CO
    - Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution
    - Chemanol
    - Gulf Factory
    - CCI Camp
    - STC
    - Balour CO
    - Nama Factory
    - Soda Factory
    - Jana Factory
    - Uni-Coil
    - Bee'ah CO
    - Azmeel
    - Al-DAR
    - Alzamil AC
    - Globtic
    - Egyc CO
    - Kinitic Energy Factory
    - Alzamil AC
    - Globtic
    - Egyc CO
    - Kinitic Energy Factory
    - Toyota CO
    - Ameeron CO
    - Geel AlmostaqbalApartments
    - Alqaswaa Factory
    - Naval Base Sbhools
    - Alhosan Schools
    - Alsharq Hotel
    - Alhindas CO
    Traffic Signal Factory
    Sidco Factory
    Rubber Factory
    Algabl Factory
    plastic sheeting Factory
    Yahya, Hussaini isolate Factory
    Butomat Factory
    Sulfur Factory
    Pasta Factory
    Building Precast Concrete
    Amiantit Factory
    Anfal Factory
    Almousa Factory
    Sand Factory for electricity
    kids Factory
    Asamco Factory
    Muslim to car body Factory
    Badgesh Ready Mix Concrete Factory
    Albanger Factory
    Saudi Shoe Factory
    Alkadi Factory
    Paper Converting Factory
    Alharbi Fiber glass Factory
    Alslama Radiratt Factory
    Hamza Khoshim Factory
    Jeddah Filters Factory
    Membaco Ready Mix Concrete Factory
    Qahtani pipeline Factory
    Khafrah Block Factory
    Aluminum alloy Factory













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